“Tuende Pamoja” is Kiswahili for “Let’s Move Forward Together”


Tuende Pamoja Charity is a charity run by the Barbour family in Tanzania.  The family live at Kisampa, a private community conservation sanctuary in the Kisampa Conservation Area which adjoins Saadani National Park.

The Kisampa Retreat is one of four camps managed by the family, under the company name AfrikaAfrika, who have a philosophy of social responsibility and conservation and manage all their camps as a mutually beneficial partnership with each close by village community in an effort to ensure their sustainable development and well-being and the empowerment of the people in the area.

The charity fund grew from a very small beginning about seven years ago.…donations from friends to help a man from Matipwili, the village near Kisampa, whose leg had been severed by a crocodile.  Through the amazing assistance we received, the man was able to receive a prosthesis and the start up for a new business.

Tuende Pamoja is now a registered charity in Tanzania receiving donations from mostly friends and clients from all over the world.